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An Illuminated Manuscript of Guillaume de Machaut’s Complete Works (BN ms fr. 1586): A Vocabulary for Exegesis

In 1978, art historian François Avril participated in a colloquium honoring French poet-composer Guillaume de Machaut (c. 1300–1377). He overturned the then-current chronology of the manuscripts, based primarily on identifiable artistic styles. He emphasized that MS C played a prominent role in the stylistic evolution of French manuscript illumination of the fourteenth century. This manuscript is the earliest extant ‘anthology’ of the poet’s Complete Works. It is also the most luxuriously painted and decorated of all Machaut manuscripts. Surprisingly, it is the sole Machaut manuscript that has not received full scholarly attention.

A Vocabulary for Exegesis seeks at once to explain the elements necessary for a successful analysis of MS C and to present substantial, fresh articles on and relating to it. This entails situating MS C within manuscript painting, literature and the music of its time. Separate sections will have a corresponding introductory essay by experts in the field. This will foster the attention of newcomers and also provide new matter for seasoned scholars.

This study spans a century – the rich sources of iconography for and the legacy of it. Participants at present include: Kathryn Duys, Helen Swift, Emma Dillon, Elizabeth Eva Leach, Jared Hartt, Kathleen Wilson-Ruffo, Tamsyn Rose-Steel and Kate Maxwell. Please send abstracts no longer than 200 words to Domenic Leo at by September 1, 2015. Contributions can be in any related field and may be written in English or French.